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"The Evelean content marketing platform provides us with a clear dashboard for all our digital properties contents (...) Artificial intelligence allows us to differentiate content based upon visitors behaviour"

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What is Evelean

Evelean is a content marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you segment anonymous visitors and personalize their experience.

Evelean is different

Many martech players can offer some level of improvement of your digital marketing performances. What we propose is different and will allow you to move one step ahead, faster and with simplicity.

  • Use an end-to-end Content marketing platform in headless CMS technology. Marketing departments often have to operate multiple solutions that don't necessarily integrate to each other. Traffic segmentation, content scoring, dashboarding, customized content, leads qualification, campaign management ... with Evelean, you benefit from an all-in-on solution.
  • Classify your visitors now. You don't need to implement complex segmentation algorithms, waiting for months of data processing before having a working classification model. Evelean is market agnostic and user centric. It gives you results immediatly.
  • We work at the very top of the funnel, classifying and guiding anonymous visitors from the early stage to the final goal with a set of tailored messages.
  • Personalize everything: Headlines, editorial content and even the layout of your web pages. Product description, promotions and associated services. Form fields and format.

The basic elements of Evelean Content Marketing Platform

In Evelean, you have three main elements to consider

  • Articles: the content is key to engage the visitors. With Evelean marketing platform you can fine tune your content according to each segment;
  • Forms: the call-to-actions and forms that convert a visitor into a lead. With Evelean you can fine tune your touchpoints according to each segment;
  • Leads: Evelean allows you to categorize your leads by segment. This will improve your performances in term of leads nurturing.

Personalized marketing

A successful implementation of personalized marketing with Evolvere

Content Marketing Features

Main features of Evelean content marketing platform

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Evelean is an end-to-end content marketing solution, using Concrete5 open source framework

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Product Overview

Early classification of your visitors is key for conversion optimization: the sooner you identify your audience, the better you can adapt content and deliver the appropriate message.

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Customized Web Experience

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