What do you get with Evelean?

The suite of tools you need to immediately improve your on-site performances. Easy to install, flexible to manage, optimal to scale up


Identify the needs of your website visitors with our marketing intelligence models


Deliver the most effective contents and interactions for each visitors’ segment


Analyze traffic and improve the user’s experience with AI guidance

Smart segmentation

Understand your visitors by their focus

The very moment they load your website, our AI behavioural model is able to identify what is relevant for them with full compliancy of GDPR rules


A person who searches
value for money

With Evelean you will be able to emphasise offers, sales and promotions, relying on price policies and urgencies


A visitor who values
long term commitments

Evelean tools will allow you to leverage on post-sales and customer care services coming along with your offering


A user looking
for solid references

You will highlight the notoriety of your product or rely upon solid references you have collected by visitors


An individual seeking
for the highest standard

You will focus on the superior quality and innovative features of your products and services

Dynamic personalization

Offer more to your audience

Refresh your website without changing it, just displaying Evelean modules: serve contents, interactions and services they are really interested in and convert.

Discover some of the modules you can easily add to your website with Evelean:

Conversion forms

Create conversion forms to collect qualified leads and place them wherever you want on your site. Make them different for each type of user and therefore increasingly effective. They integrate seamlessly with the look and feel and can relay information in real time to your CRM and direct marketing tools.

  • See as
  • Economy
  • Caring
  • Brand
  • Innovation

Landing pages

Want to create increasingly efficient lead qualification journeys? With Evelean, you can create entire landing pages that sit alongside your website, while maintaining its look and feel. Create paths dedicated to each type of user and different traffic sources and measure the results in real time, optimizing thanks to our recommendation tools.

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  • Economy
  • Innovation

Call us now

Show different phone numbers or chat and video chat contacts based on user type, offering, pages they are visiting and geo-location. A key tool in the final lead qualification process that Evelean allows you to introduce immediately.

  • See as
  • Caring
  • Brand

Content showcase

Showcase the right content for every type of visitor with our content windows that integrate into your site, fitting natively between existing sections or as elegant pop-ups. The best solution to enhance your content by increasing engagement, pageviews and time on-site.

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  • Economy
  • Caring


Show geo-localized content to your visitors. Don't just present the location of the nearest stores or points of interest, but enrich the experience with local activities and offers specific information and call to action to each type of visitor segment.

  • See as
  • Caring
  • Innovation


Evelean allows you to add map based information in the easiest way, adapting to your existing platform and allowing you to enrich the content delivered to any audience's segment and to update the map whenever you need it.

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  • Economy

Customer Surveys

Do you want a deeper understanding of your visitors? Easily create a survey or a satisfaction questionnaire and deliver it your audience's segments. Link seamlessly the collected results to your lead generation processes, collecting consents and triggering post lead processes.

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  • Economy
  • Innovation

Alert bar

Insert relevant, timed, dedicated communications and call-to-actions for each segment in the quickest and easiest way possible, attracting attention without interfering with your site's design.

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  • Economy
  • Brand
  • Innovation

Event calendar

Display your calendar of events, gather participation, and schedule appointments. Evelean offers you a lightweight yet comprehensive tool to follow up on the visits to your website.

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  • Caring
  • Brand

A powerful dashboard that boosts your performances

See how visitors interact with your website, work smarter and optimize with the help of AI


Optimize with AI

Get a deep analysis of the feedbacks from your visitors, thanks to built-in tools such as heat maps. Constantly improve your results following the AI generate recommendations.


Build your journeys

Define what to serve to each segment, design the ideal journey to qualify your leafs, organize the flow of contents, distribute easily on-site and deliver to all your digital and social channels.


Analyze current results

Measure the performance of your on-site actions, discover the most effective contents and the interactions for each segment, track conversions, qualify your leads and share with your CRM and marketing automation tools.

Get results respecting your visitors privacy

Evelean is the streamlined and easy to adopt solution that allows its customers to achieve a tangible boost in their digital performances.

Up to +50% Lead Generation
Up to x3 Interactions
Up to -50% Cost per lead

And get to:
+ process more qualified leads
+ centralise your multi-channel publishing workflow
+ enrich CRM and email database

Eni Gas&Luce
Publishers and Exhibitions
Design and furniture
Ercos Ponsi

Case history

“Evelean allowed us to have a clear dashboard with all our digital properties contents, where we can collect the results of our marketing activities.”

Gabriella Francia
Digital Marketing

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