Evelean addresses two specific questions:

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    AnalysisHow much impact does content have on reaching our marketing goals?

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    OptimizationHow can we continually improve the results obtained by our content?

Lean marketing


Lean marketing encourages iterative design, development and optimization of the communication. In the waterfall approach everything is determined up front, in the lean approach everything is adjusted daily to increase KPIs. With machine learning, you develop over time a solid understanding of the audience and you measure accuratly the performances of your content.

Main stages:



Evelean learns how to segment your web traffic


Evelean predicts

future performances of your content




Evelean proposes the right content to your segments


Evelean proposes the right promotion to your segments


Content Marketing.

engage to convert

When you write an Article, you have a clear goal in mind: you want to engage your user and  convert him into a qualified lead through a Touchpoint.

In Evelean each Article of your web site will be correlated with one or more Touchpoints via our proprietary AI engine that will choose the most effective way to convert the user.




Plan your content with our keyword suggestion tool, write it and check SEO stuff directly inside the editor.




Create a touchpoint with our convenient form builder.

Connect it with your CRM and export from Evelean the best marketing reports you can imagine.

Release early.
Release often.
Listen to your customers.


If you look at the Reports, you can clearly see which Article is generating more commercial Leads and which is struggling to reach the goal. You can also see which content is actracting more traffic from the outbound Campaigns and which Customer is more engaged to the site.


Fine tune your Content Plan accordingly to better satisfy the customers' indications.

Content Marketing Cloud.

Write once, deliver everywhere


Struggling to mantain different channels consistent by content, tone of voice and message? We feel your pain. With Evelean you can connect all your properties under a single Cloud, sharing Articles, Product files, Events descriptions, Touchpoints.


The result is a solid and consistent communication that will drive your reader into the correct User Journey.





Product features.

From marketers to marketers

Evelean provides fully integrated features to manage the outbound and inbound activities needed to reach the tipical goals of a digital channel:

brand awareness

Brand Awareness

When you need to increase your brand awareness, you define a plan to spread your message across the widest range of external channels. You typically use search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

  • SEO

    Find the right keywords, create publishing plans around topic clusters, measure the results in terms of positioning and traffic.

  • Social Media

    Manage all social media activity generated by your articles. Measure the traction gained by each post, and keep improving.

  • Email Marketing

    Compose personalized newsletters from the articles, send them to an audience cluster, and measure each recipient’s activity.

  • Influencer marketing

    Create a publishing plan and assign each brief to an influencer. Let them publish the content on their own channel, measure the ROI.

lead generation

Lead generation

Landing pages are not sufficient. Each article on your website must be able to drive the user towards your commercial goal. You need complete freedom to create your touchpoints and the tools for analyzing and boosting your performance.

  • Touchpoint creation

    Create all the touchpoints you need with a drag-and-drop form builder. Show them across your entire website or on a single specific page.

  • Rules of engagement

    Define granular rules of engagement to show touchpoints to users only if all the rules are satisfied.

  • Urgency strategies

    Let the user know how many people have filled out a commercial request, define promotions to "push" towards the goal.

  • Progressive profiling

    Don’t ask questions that have already been answered. The touchpoint builder can suggest extra fields to complete each user's profile.

digital sales

Digital Sales

Content marketing is the most effective tool for funneling motivated users toward the shopping experience. If you want to increase digital sales, you must create and distribute relevant content, measuring its impact on sales.

  • Promotions module

    Plan and publish promotions and discounts within your website, targeting specific clusters of your audience.

  • Content widget

    Export your site content in its original format and share it with referral partners to generate more traffic.

  • Touchpoint widget

    Publish your touchpoints outside of your website, leveraging your KPI on the traffic coming from your affiliates.

  • Conversion pixel

    Measure and attribute the conversion on your e-commerce by integrating Evelean conversion pixel.

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Please let us know who you are and how to contact you. We will be glad to have a first call to introduce ourselves.