Main features of Evelean Digital Experience Platform

3.1.001 - Social Media Publishing - 01/11/2020

Any content managed with Evelean can now be published over social media: Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn.

3.0.90 - Performances Forecast - 01/09/2020

Introduce BiLSTM algorithm to predict future evolutions of traffic and conversion.

3.0.86 - Dynamic and smart Content - 01/07/2020

Publish and display smart content over third party web sites using Evelean content marketing platform.

3.0.80 - Form Builder - 01/06/2020

Create and activate forms over third party web site, that may dynamically adapt to the audience.

3.0.70 - Digital Assets Management - 01/04/2020

Bulk import media into Evelean content marketing plateform, extract IPTC, manage tags and publish.

3.0.66 - Performances enhancements - 01/03/2020

Improve response time of real time segmentation core engine, both in CMS mode or JS Mode.

3.0.50 - After lead process - 01/01/2020

Introduce various automated tasks after lead generation: qualification, notification, email marketing, CRM connectors.

3.0.38 - Heat Maps 01/11/2019

Introduce scroll maps both in CMS mode or JS Mode.

3.0.36 - JS Tag - 01/10/2019

Evelean content marketing platform can now be connected to any web site though JS tracking.

3.0.35 - Evelean Dashboard 01/09/2019

Release Evelean headless CMS architecture.

Measure digital performances, segment by segment: content scoring; engagement; conversion.

Introduce various ai segmentation methods.