Analyze the result of your tactics and receive concrete actionables from the platform to rise the performances of your channel

Evelean Dashboard gives access to multiple analysis features, including traffic classification, adherence between segments and content, heat map view per segment, leads qualification, etc.

Traffic Segmentation Overview

Evelean provides real time traffic analysis, spread upon various visitor segments for any period of time.

Standard classification is applied to all incoming traffic of visitors, as well as leads.

Best or worst content from a traffic or conversion point of view is highlighted.

SEO Actionables are suggested, for the entire web site, based upon your own configurable criteria.

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Evelean adapts to any sectors, such as Automotive for instance.

With Evelean Dashboard you get an instant view of the best products, segment by segment.

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In the Retail sector, being able to identify best sellers per customer segment is key !

The dashboard also gives you a view of less effective items, for you to analyse and identify improvement factors: price, visibility, promotion, description, etc

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Visitors Behavior per Segment or per Content

Evelean provides in depth analysis for a given segment at any point of time, highlighting traffic and conversion statistics.

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Per content analysis, for understanding engagement and conversion behaviors.

For a given product, you may discover specific clusters very favorable from a conversion point of view, whereas others are only generating traffic, with poor leads generation.

Per form analysis, for understanding which forms are best converting.

This is also a convenient way to A/B test your call-to-actions and improve your leads generation.

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Leads classification and qualification, for improving the efficiency of your sales team.

Leads can be exported in various formats or automatically pushed into your CRM, through Evelean standard connectors.

Understand Heat Maps, content per content and at the segment level.

Because all visitors do not behave the same way, see how various clusters interact with your content.

Want to see how it looks like?

Evelean Demo - 30 mn