Test efficiency of Evelean form builder

Forms are key to generate leads. With most CMS, forms are embedded into your web site, with very little flexibility to change them or even create new ones.

Evelean technology comes along with a comprehensive form builder layer.

Effortless to build

Design forms using our simple drag and drop interface. No need for technical skills. It only takes a few clicks.

Easy to publish

Create forms for any page of your web site, with multiple choices in term of display: embedded, floating, popping up, etc.

Painless to optimize

Improve performances by testing your forms and see which convert best. You can even pinpoint which field or which area needs change or fine tuning.

Customize by segment

Address different visitors with different forms. Because your traffic is diverse, analyze and select which form provide the best performances, segment by segment and boost your conversions rate !

Automate workflows

Evelean forms engine is associated to a real time analysis of your visitors behavior. Typically, you may want to engage differently visitors coming for the first time, from returning visitors. Depending upon your visitors navigation, you may detect different expectations, hence propose different engagement models.

Uses Cases

Form builder for Automotive

Additional services are key in the automotive sector. Associated margins are very important too for your profitability. Small details can make the difference between closing a deal or loosing a customer. With Evelean you can associate your forms with what clients really expect, segment by segment. Financing ? Insurance ? Maintenance services ? You best know your customers. Use Evelean form builder module to implement your best commercial proposals over the Internet, just like you would do every day on the field in your concessions.

Form builder for Retail

With an heavy traffic and many references, improving your conversion rate is all about small details. There again, you first need to understand what customers expect. It might seem easy with identified users, already registered with an account. It's a brand new challenge with anonymous traffic. Which product will best attract my visitors? How can I best convert them ? Which products shall I propose for cross referencing. Evelean helps you understand customer expectations, segment by segment, in order to achieve better performances. You will then be able to decide which form, at which instant of the customer journey, for which content is best boosting your conversion rate.

Form builder for SMEs

You have no time nor skilled resources to dedicate to complex marketing digital campaigns. You need a simple technology that can be easily connected to your existing web site. You need rapid and tangible improvements regarding your lead generation over the internet. Install Evelean in one click and start building your forms with simple drag and drop. Evelean partners can also assist you in that work, even undertake day-to-day monitoring of your performances, test and implement the best workflows. Therefore, you can stay committed on your business and remain focus on your customers !