Evelean Headless CMS technology for intelligent content marketing

Evelean technology is based upon an headless CMS architecture, giving access to the content through API's.

Such an architecture gives numerous advantages:


You may use any front end, any type of end-point, you content is always available and centralized for being broadcasted over mutiple channels . You save time in content administration and can focus on content editing and creation.


By nature, unlike standard CMS, you don't need to multiply publishing procedures for each of your different broadcast clients. Content is published once, for all channels to be updated in the same time.


You may display any content on your front ends, and keep controlling the user experience from you back office.


Publication platforms and Content are separated in two distinct environments. You are better protected from outage or DDoS.

With Evelean headless CMS, you can even improve your return on investment. Evelean can be deployed and integrated with your existing traditional CMS. All you content becomes then available for new channels. Besides, you benefit from plenty of AI analytics on your existing web site and visualize directly how to boost your content efficiency.

Evelean Headless CMS - Use Cases

we give hereafter typical Use Cases where Evelean headless CMS architecture can bring you value:

Static sites

You have built your web site using a traditional CMS and you want to understand how your audience engage with you content. Furthermore, you need more flexibility to change rapidly your call to actions, even maybe test new content and see how this affects your performances. You don't want to change your architecture or implement a brand new site.

With a simple tag, Evelean is ready to run and analyze your performances with our AI engine. You may start customize your content depending upon the audience. You may also design new forms to boost your conversions.

Multiple publications channels

Your work in a corporation with many different subsidiaries or partners and you need to publish the same content onto multiple web sites, all from various technologies. Time-to-market is key as well as common user experience.

With Evelean Headless CMS, start building your common content repository. We take responsibility for data hosting, security and high availability. We provide you with a single back office so that you can focus on content creation. Thus you become more agile and better organized with you partners.

Customized web experience

You consider moving from your legacy CMS to a modern solution. You know AI can give you a competitive advantage on a very fast evolving market. Beyond the traditional approach of traffic generation or growth hacking, you understand giving the right content to your audience is key in term of customer conversion.

Start building your next generation web site and benefit from an end to end solution for creating true customized web experience. Discover content correlation strategy with Evelean AI engine. Measure your performances. Adjust your publications and improve your performances !

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