Evelean helps you understand how visitors interact with your content

For those who want to optimize their web site performances, understand how visitors interact with their pages has become a must have. Heat maps in term of scroll, in term of move, or in term of click are part of the key analytics in the digital marketing world. They are critical for understanding weak areas of a web site or poor performances in term of conversion. They benefit to many stake holders within organizations: Marketers, Product manager as well as UX Designers.

However, most applications always consider the global audience, as if all customers were behaving the same way with content.

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Evelean allows much more granularity, providing Heat Maps at the segment level. You will be surprised to see that, depending upon their classification, your visitors expect very different web experiences. Some of them being eager to interact with your content, turning rapidly into leads but with little chance to become effective customers, some other with long lasting navigation sessions, with a low conversion rate, yet with high value in term of future business !

Heat maps are instantly available using Evelean JS Tag, that can be deployed over any kind of web site.
Heat maps come along with plenty of other analytics within Evelean platform, which allows to understand your audience with a lot of accuracy, and the decide upon the most appropriate content !

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