Get instant analytics on your web site and improve your performances now !

Javascript tags are used by many applications for analyzing web sites performances. Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics typically use this kind of technology. Such tags are very convenient for understanding the behavior of your audience. It's nearly instant to deploy and with virtually no impact on your performances. You obviously have full control of those tags since you may remove them at any time.

What kind of analytics is provided with Evelean JS tag ?

Real time segmentation

Your audience is instantly segmented based on the session information and using the Evelean the AI engine. The same default segmentation model is applied to any web site connected to Evelean, for you to categorize the audience: Economy, Services, Innovation, Brand. In any case you need to build your own segmentation model, Evelean AI engine can be adapted to best fit the specifications of your business and its audience. DMP can also be connected to our engine for in-depth analysis of your data.

Key traffic indicators

Engagement, conversions, per article, per product, per business line and per segment ! Evelean analyzes the traffic and the conversions at the article level. You may then measure which content, or which product best attract sub-categories of your audience. Working at the segment level gives you much more granularity, for you to go to the next step in term of customer engagement and leads generation.

Heat Map and Scroll Map

Understanding how visitors interact with you pages is key for adapting your content and proposing the best customer experience. But there again, maps are proposed at a finer level, with in-depth analysis segment by segment. You will be surprised to see that, depending upon their classification, your visitors expect very different web experiences. Some of them being eager to interact with your content, turning rapidly into leads but with little chance to become effective customers, some other with long lasting navigation sessions, with a low conversion rate, yet with high value in term of future business !

Leads Qualification

Knowing right from the start, to which group of audience belong your leads, will help you optimize marketing automation. Evelean connects with most CRM on the market, and can provide them with valuable information for an efficient cycle of leads nurturing. You will also get access to visitors behavior, before they decide to convert: another important aspect for you to optimize your conversion funnel.
Evelean JS tag also enables content creation and customization on your own web site, keeping your actual CMS and changing nothing to your infrastructure.

Customized Content

You want to change the editorial content based on the audience classification ? It is possible with Evelean. Create your customized content using Evelean Dashboard. There is nothing to change on your web site and no operation is required with respect to your existing CMS. Fresh content published from Evelean will simply supersede the existing one, with no impact on performances. From the customer point of view, he is still browsing the same web site, but with dynamic content in line with its expectations.

Forms Builder

You want to create dynamic forms, without changing the structure or the layout of your web site? Why waste hours waiting for your developers to code your online forms, when you can just builf it yourself in munites ? See how Evelean can help you create simple and dynamic forms.


Your CMS does not allow you to engage with your leads ? Discover Evelean emailing possibilities.

Ultimatly, you are ready to move to an end to end Content Marketing solution, for creating true customized web experience ? Then it's time to discover Evelean headless CMS, and then good news ! in any case you have been previously using Evelean JS, migration will be seamless, most of your content being already structured within Evelean AI database.

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