How to become a partner

Our philosophy

Silver partner program: Help you bring value to your own customers, for them to achieve better performances

Gold Partner program: Train you with our solutions, for you to able to build next generation web sites and attract new customers.

Silver Partner Program

A typical mission starts with the installation of the Evelean JS tag over the web site of your client.

Evelean will then proceed with a systematic audit covering:

  • Global performances of the web site, in term of traffic and bandwidth

  • Conversion funnel from an UX prospective

  • SEO considerations

  • Visitors behavior and interactions with the web site (segment based Heat Maps)

  • Performances at the content level, providing KPIs over time, per product, per article category and per segment.

This audit comes along with various recommendations for you to submit and discuss with your client. You may then implement and deploy all mutually agreed changes and enhancements.

Using Evelean JS technology, you may continue monitoring KPIs and check that you met your expectations in terms of performances. In the long run, Evelean will help you follow up your progress for you to keep adjusting your web site content.

Going one step further, you can start activating customized web experience, also building dynamic forms as well as segment based call-to-actions. At a very granular level, you will be able to test new workflows, new conversion funnels, for you client to boost engagement and lead generation.

Gold Partner Program

Partners which are already used to Evelean technology, having successfully deployed several performances improvement campaigns, can apply for the Gold Partner Program. They will then benefit from a complete training on Evelean headless CMS.

This program is specially designed to Partners willing to attract new customers with next generation web sites. Evelean Headless CMS is a complete application proposing a large range of tools for digital marketing:

  • Analytics, for day-to-day monitoring of performances, using KPIs and Heat Maps at the segment level

  • Intelligent content, adjusting to the visitor behavior

  • Lead qualification and nurturing

Gold Partners will also be trained to build business specific AI models, for customers demanding a very high level of performance in their workflows and conversion funnels.