A successful implementation of personalized marketing with Evolvere

Why implement personalized marketing ?

When it comes to select the right product, we don't necessarily share the same expectations, in term of price, quality or service. What if it were possible to speak to each individual and talk about what really matters to each of them ?

Personalized marketing aims at proposing the right content, at the right time to the right person.

Evolvere, leader in the sector of distributed power generation and energy saving, speaks differently to its many visitors: one site, different contents, adjusted dynamically depending upon everyone's profile, everyone's expectation.

The result ? +30% in leads generation. Visitors spend more time on the web site and show greater interest to the content.

"The layout of the web pages is clean and essential. We have customized our web pages based on the marketing and business goals (brand awareness, lead generation and nurturing) thanks to the new simplified editor. And the artificial intelligence behind Evelean allows us to differentiate content based on user behavior, to better target messages to the identified navigation clusters"

Gabriella Francia - Digital Marketing Manager - Evolvere S.p.A.