See how Evelean can apply segmentation on anonymous traffic.

Segmentation is intimately associated to marketing. Before anything else, engaging customers is a matter of market knowledge. What do my customer expect ? What are my differentiation factors on the market. What makes the difference between converting a prospect and loosing a customer ?

Digital marketing has been historically addressing those questions using cookies. Anyone browsing the internet is very much used to this principle, receiving unsolicited adverts, popping up at every corner of the screen, and based upon previous navigations. This cookie-based approach actually presents today two major defects

  • It requires visitors consent, as per recent market regulations (GDPR). Soon, by default, most browsers will reject cookies.
  • It tells nothing about the customer, in term of personas, that is to say, all the information required for better understanding the audience and its expectations.

Dealing with identified and well know users, already registered with an account, is very much helpful in term of segmentation. Data Management Platforms can then help marketing teams better target their customers and create individual customer experience.

However, how can you address anonymous traffic ? Is there any way to build a segmentation-based content, a customized web experience for my anonymous visitors ?

Evelean works in that field, that strives at understanding the expectations of anonymous audience.

Important remark: by nature, Evelean is fully compliant with GDPR constraints, since nothing relates to an anonymous users. It is important for us proposing our clients solutions that respects privacy.
Evelean commonly considers four segments: Economy, Caring, Innovation and Brand.

Evelean segmentation principle.png

The belonging to a given segment is determined though artificial intelligence, using two main factors: user session information and user effective behavior on the web site.You want to build your own specific segmentation factors ? You look for even better granularity with multiple clusters ? Meet us at Evelean, and let us build together your own AI model that meets your exact business specifications.

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