Adapt your message to the visitor by applying the correct tone of voice, the most efficient template and the most engaging call to action

Segment based dynamic content

Engage your audience with the content they expect!

With Evelean, you can define default content and specify which piece of content must adapt to the vistor's segment. A preview function displays the final result for a given segment.

Boost now your e-commerce with Evelean!

In Retail industry, capacity to propose the right product, with the right promotion, to the right segment is key!

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Machine learning can help you understand adherence between your audience and your offering

Using its AI engine, Evelean detects best products or best articles for each segment, and then displays in real time content accordingly.

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Understand the multiple possible variations of content promotion on your web site

with Evelean, you virtually have infinite options of customization. Using various Tiles ....

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Leverage from different media or call-to-action depending upon the audience, and even dedicate specific articles templates to specific visitors.

Use Evelean technology on your distant web site

Evelean platform can easily be connected to your own web site, using one single JS tag, in order to analyse your audience, create custom content as well as defining brand new forms.

Want to see how it looks like?

Evelean Demo - 30 mn

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