AI segmentation allows you to better understand your audience

Why understanding the behavior of your audience is key?

The ability to qualify who connects to your channel will help you create content that better meets customer expectations.


Why AI segmentation gives much better results?

Traditional performances analysis tools work at the global audience level, which in essence provides results based upon averaged data.

Dividing the audience into smaller clusters provides much finer results, for a better granularity in term of performances Analysis.

Evelean platform comes along with an AI segmentation engine, based on neuronal network, capable of segmenting the audience and identify distinct groups, each with a consistant behavior.


Standard classification

Evelean AI segmentation engine divides the audience using two dimensions: means and awareness. Evelean helps you analyse your audience and see how your own traffics fits into this classification.

Evelean segmentation principle.png

Evelean can also propose specific classification methods, using on demand machine learning algorithms. Ask us for more information.

Want to see how it looks like?

Evelean Demo - 30 mn

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