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Evolvere and Evelean: a successfull case study

By Gabriella Francia - Digital Marketing Manager - Evolvere S.p.A.

Evolvere is the first Italian player in Distributed Energy Resources(DER), with more than 11.000 plants managed all over the territory and a diffused technical and commercial structure.Evolvere digital community has more than 50.000 users and is the largest Prosumer Digital Community in Italy.Since Evolvere was founded in 2010, it has made the concept of distributed generation its own, developing solutions and services with the aim of building the energy communities of the future based on smart grid models, to allow the exchange of energy between individuals and provide services to the network.

In 2017 Evolvere obtained the coveted international B Corp Certification, which distinguishes companies focused on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issues. In 2020 Evolvere also became a Benefit Company, adopting a new legal form that identifies those companies that combine the search for profit with the pursuit of one or more purposes of common benefit.

Key figures

400k Pages view in 2019

10 Active Touchpoints

350 Articles


Our marketing activities have always had two main goals: to create an authoritative and recognizable brand and to implement a lead generation funnel. This funnel aims to increase the number of hot leads interested in purchasing Evolvere services, starting with activities like Content Marketing up to SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. Then, on new clients or existing ones, we had to activate nurturing actions to keep relationship and interest toward the brand.

We also needed to make our site a real content hub, which describes Evolvere with different types of content:

- Corporate pages, to talk about the company and its updates

- Products pages, to illustrate all Evolvere’s solutions and create touchpoints for information requests

- Information articles, to engage users, inform and update them on renewable energy

- Service and clients dedicated pages, to provide our customers information about their photovoltaic system, documents and product guides and have easy access to the billing area

In 2019, new types of contents have been added to our web sites, to generate profiled leads. We have tried to bring the user closer to the world of renewable energy with the configuration of their ideal photovoltaic system, a real omnichannel experience that includes the physical store up to the web. The output consists of a digital experience and a set of detailed information on costs and savings to encourage the user to receive a price quotation or request an inspection.


The Evelean headless CMS platform has allowed us to have a clear dashboard with all our digital properties contents, where we can collect the results of our marketing activities.

The layout of the web pages is clean and essential. We have customized our web pages based on the marketing and business goals (brand awareness, lead generation and nurturing) thanks to the new simplified editor. And the artificial intelligence behind Evelean allows us to differentiate content based on user behavior, to better target messages to the identified navigation clusters.

We have made a further step forward with the creation of ad hoc taxonomies, but above all with touchpoints built on the basis of our prospect / customer contact needs.

In this way we have collected, for example, both cold leads interested in deepening our offering both users interested in receiving our newsletters and informative communications, and customers who needed a check of the correct functioning of their plant. All that by building ad hoc touchpoints within our website pages or banners positioned on the sides of our web product pages.

Evelean has also allowed us to integrate all these data or information into our internal marketing and sales CRM through APIs, thus creating a punctual marketing and sales funnel supported by a tool that tracks its actors and activities.

For the future months, we will continue to make the best use of Evelean technology, to have increasingly profiled leads and contacts and to be able to implement a real photovoltaic e-commerce, a new full digital asset capable of supporting an end-to-end marketing and sales funnel."



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